About Us


When Lee Hanan, our founder, was 11 years old, he was told he had a heart condition that would prevent him from joining the service. At that time, both of his older brothers were serving in the US Army. Lee was both disappointed and felt like he 'wasn't doing his share' and the idea that he wanted to do something to help our veterans was always on his mind. In 2014, he started Wrist Story Products as his way of contributing. Unfortunately, we lost him in 2018 but his family decided to keep the company going as Lee's Legacy... and that is Wrist Story Products today. We hope we can raise a lot of money for the good works your organizations do today.

Our Mission

While parts of our economy are getting better, old ideas on how to raise money or develop a great promotion are not working. Wrist Story Products has the first really novel approach in decades… customized-bracelets as fundraisers, promotions and premiums are unique and effective.

Our Numbers

  • In business for over 20 years.
  • Combined wholesale distribution experience of over 65 years.
  • Production capacity to 400,000 bracelets per month.
  • Now working with for-profits and non-profits coast to coast and internationally.
  • Helping raise over $3,500,000 for non-profits and for-profits.
  • 36% have referred new customers to us.

Wrist Story bracelets are a new product designed to tell your story and help you meet your fundraising & promotional goals.